Artist Statement

“One thing I love about art is how personal it is, while simultaneously reaching out to a mass audience through our common threads.

People often ask me about my work…what does it mean? What is it? My response… ‘It is whatever you want it to be’. I say that for a few reasons. What I see and feel about a piece is only relative to me. Most people, when told ‘This is this’ or ‘That is what This is’, give no more thought to the work. That superficial, instant gratification explanation becomes a limitation of the viewer’s potential journey for personal meaning through the art. Instead, my preference is that they apply their own mind and memories to the visual content and develop a conclusion or interpretation that is truly unique.

Rarely do I have any pre-conceived idea or vision as to what I will create. The piece simply reveals itself as I work.

While I often remember what I was thinking, feeling and listening to (music is a major inspiration for my art) at the time I was working on a piece, quite often the end result is just as ambiguous in its meaning to me as it is to the viewer.”


Sheridan Furrer

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